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Kounosuke chopsticks is made by a chopstick manufacturer whose main factory is located in Kumamoto Japan. For more than half a century, they have been making only "bamboo chopsticks" in Kumamoto Prefecture, by cutting and shaving each strand of pure domestic natural bamboo by hand. Currently in Japan, they are the only company that can make purely domestic bamboo chopsticks. Easy to grasp, moderately flexible and light... Their Manufacturing that is honest, reasonable, and sustainable for generations to come.

KOUNOSUKE chopsticks

SKU: 364215376135191
€ 20,00Price
  • Dishwasher safe bamboo chopsticks with ultra durable coatings that are temperature and moisture resistant. 

    Materials: Japanese Bamboo, polyurethane coatingDimensions: Length: 9 inch(23cm) Made in Kumamoto, Japan

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    You can also pick up from Don-Kounosuke!

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