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This beautiful white porcelain is from Gifu, the concept is  "Tableware created through time and human hands". They believe that the same manufacturing process leads to a big different between human hands and machine. Even though it looks like the same work, they make a small device every day. To inherit technique which has taken root in their area (Mizunami city in Gifu) means not repeating same thing every day but improving by accumulation little by little. They say "Manufacturing at present improves by inheriting the spirit of predecessors. We believe the time for this process is our treasure."

KOUNOSUKE 3kinds plates set

€ 60,00Price
  • - Dishwasher safe 

    - Created by firing porcelain clay which is rich in glass component at 1340 degrees. By firing in a high-temperature oven, the clay and glaze get harmonized, vitrified and create translucent luster on its surface, and it becomes an easy-to-wash and stain resistant material at the same time.

    - Made in Gifu, Japan

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